Today, I’m doing a review on the Zebra LP2844 Label Printer. Around a decade has passed since its release. That says a lot if I’m doing a review on it just now. I got this label printer about 8 months ago, and if I were to shortly describe it, it would be called the “WORK HORSE”.

It’s not the fanciest label printer around, but it is one of the most reliable and durable printers you’ll ever find. It’s a no frills type of label printer.

A simple rundown of its features:

  • It’s a Black & White Printer (Just what you need for printing labels and nothing more.)
  • It’s Direct Thermal (Meaning you don’t need to worry about ink… A big PLUS in my book.)
  • EPL2 Printer Language (It means Elton Programming Language…Not the most current, but still contains a lengthy number of commands.)
  • 203 DPI (Perfect for printing shipping labels. Not perfect for printing small details though.)


Zebra LP2844 Direct Thermal Label Printer – Final Thoughts

Considering its age, I wouldn’t consider this label printer cheap. It’s reasonable though for the quality printer you’re getting, but don’t compare it to a standard ink-jet printer, because this one is quite a bit more expensive. It serves one purpose and one purpose only — it prints labels, particularly shipping labels really well.

What really won me over was the fact that the Zebra LP2844 is a direct thermal printer. It doesn’t need ink! That really saves you a lot of money over the long-term, especially if you’re printing shipping labels on a daily / weekly basis.

One thing to note is that, considering the age of this label printer you may need to download an updated driver online. If you have a newer Windows OS you can check out Zebra’s Official Website and get the windows driver from there.

If you’re looking for looks or technology, you might as well look for a newer label printer. It’s not a printer that will connect through WiFi and print high-quality photos. If you use it for the sole purpose of printing labels for shipping, then this is a GREAT printer.

The bottom line is, if you need a tough, heavy-duty, shipping label printer, this is one to consider heavily. I rate it highly.