Volant Cold Air Intake Review

The Volant Cold Air Intake has the ability to take your vehicle to the next level. If you’re looking for that extra oomph that you’ve been missing we might have just found it for you. Volant CAI makes some pretty awesome claims of gains around 18 HP and 40 lbs. torque. Not only are there claims of increased performance but also increased gas mileage as well. Does the Volant Cold Air Intake live up to its impressive claims? Both yes and no.

Yes, it provides a boost in HP and Torque but not as much as it claims. Each vehicle is different but we are fairly confident in saying that you probably won’t see gains of 18 HP and 40 lbs. torque but that shouldn’t change your mind about this system considering it really does improve performance enough where you’d definitely feel it.

Another claim that is made is that it increases gas mileage. This in-fact is also true, an increase of 1-3 mpg can be expected. Increasing air flow to the engine makes it run more smoothly and efficiently giving you that extra boost in mpg.

Volant Cold Air Intake – Features & Specifications:

  • Increased horsepower, torque & MPG with the Volant Cold Air Intake System
  • Specifically designed for your vehicle
  • Molded polyethylene ducts give your engine a clear, cool air passage
  • Volant with specialized filtration technology air filters available for select vehicles
  • Certain models equipped with a power-inducing enclosed air box
  • Chrome Volant box lid sports a sleek look and offers easy filter access
  • Stainless-steel marine-grade clamps withstand engine heat and the elements
  • Most models install in 1 hour or less (minor modifications may be required)
  • 1 Year Warranty

Volant Cold Air Intake Reviews:

We’ve sifted through the many reviews to come to a conclusion. The Volant CAI is not as common of a cold air intake as some of it’s competitors like K&N and AEM but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good product. One of the positive things that Volant does over most of the other big makers is that the filter is enclosed. It helps with keeping the filter clean and the air flowing into the filter to be quite a bit colder than the ones that don’t offer an insulated air box. As for the price, it is comparable to the other makers, it’s not much cheaper or more expensive then the rest. A downside to Volant is since every cold air intake is custom made not all vehicles are supported.

Overall, we have to give the Volant Cold Air Intake a thumbs up considering that the vast majority of the reviewers were very pleased with the product and the performance boost it provided. You can feel confident if you purchase this CAI you’ll be pleased with it.