Bud Light has never been an alcoholic beverage of choice for me. I actually am not one to like “Light” beer in general and Bud Light was no exception. One thing though is I’m not afraid to try new things, so I decided to try the fairly new beer Bud Light Platinum. Here’s how it stacks up against the other Budweiser’s.

Budweiser – 5% ABV – 145 Calories – 10.6 Carbs
Bud Light – 4.2% ABV – 110 Calories – 6.6 Carbs
Bud Light Platinum – 6% ABV – 137 Calories – 4.4 Carbs

As you can see from the details above, this beer is technically NOT a light beer in a typical sense. Most light beers have lower alcohol content and also lower calories. I’ve heard many people refer to this beer as a “hybrid”, with it being a 6% ABV beer and yet still maintaining a manageable amount of calories and carbs. You definitely don’t find those two things go hand in hand very often.

Anheuser-Busch was going for flair when it created the Bud Light Platinum, trying to entice the hard partiers / nightclub go-ers. I just don’t think it’s going to catch on and deter the crowd that is into the Vodka RedBulls and Shots to drink a beer no matter how cool the bottle looks or how high the alcohol content. I might be wrong though.

As for the taste, it seems very sweet with a little bit of an after-taste. Before I tried this beer I decided to try a Bud Light to compare how close these two are. In my opinion Bud Light Platinum tastes better than a regular Bud Light. The sweeter and “somewhat” more flavorful taste is definitely an improvement over the “bland” regular Bud Light. The one thing about this beer though is if you’re going to drink more than a couple you’ll notice that the sweetness almost tastes like a splenda or other artificial sweetener was added. I don’t know if it’s just me but that’s not a positive thing at all. I’m not a diet pop drinker because of that gross sweetener taste.

Overall I think this beer isn’t too bad. It’s definitely drinkable and with the higher alcohol content you wouldn’t need as many to feel it, so it’s a cost savings for those going for that. 🙂 Bud Light Platinum is worth a try. I’ve heard people rave about it and I’ve heard others really dislike it. To me it’s a good beer if you’re gonna have couple but if you have more than that it seems like the artificial sweetener taste and after-taste takes over.

I’m definitely not a beer connoisseur, so feel free to give me your opinion on this beer. 🙂