So you’re probably wondering what Snitch’ is all about? We’re about exposing the truth about everything we review.

On the internet today, there are tons of review websites out there. Many of them provide biased reviews in order to sell you something. If you’re anything like us you don’t like being lied to and told a product is “amazing” when it in fact is very faulty or just plain bad. So we came up with the idea to make a site that reviews and researches anything and everything.

We review stuff we tried and if we haven’t tried it out yet then we go through a massive amount of reviews trying to determine the general consensus on that particular item. If most people said they hated the item and it didn’t work, we state so and won’t give it our recommendation.

We don’t recommend products that don’t deserve it and we don’t mislead people like many of the review sites out there do. We focus on the consumer and helping stretch their money further by only recommending products we’d buy ourselves.

If you have any questions / suggestions or would like to have us review a product then please feel free to contact us at;