Nutrition label for Mentos Pure White gum.

I remember a time in the 90s when my grandpa always had a roll of Mentos mints in his pocket, ready to share with us when we came over. I haven’t had Mentos mints in years, but recently I came across some Mentos Pure White gum. It was a BOGO sale, so I got a couple of 50-piece containers to try.

This review will be about Mentos Pure White (Sweet Mint) Gum. Some of my observations about this gum apply to their entire gum line.

I can summarize my entire flavor experience: This gum is like a one-hit wonder of the gum world. It bursts onto the scene with a catchy flavor but fades into nowheresville just as swiftly.

This gum flavor fades FAST! Like 5-10 minutes, and it’s not even noticeable. You’re just chewing on a tasteless piece of soft rubber.

As for does Mentos Pure White gum whiten your teeth? I’m unsure. I need more time to determine. My thoughts are no, it’s probably not going to make a noticeable impact, but I’ve been wrong before, so we’ll see.

Price Paid: $5.99 BOGO

Purchased From: Speedway

Quantity: 50-piece containers (x2)