Today I’m going to review the OtterBox Commuter Case. If you have a higher end phone you’re likely to find that OtterBox makes a case for it. Depending on the phone, you have options to choose from, such as the Defender, Commuter, Reflex, & Impact Series cases.

I went through a lengthy process of trying to find that perfect case that would give my new Galaxy Nexus protection and yet be stylish. I searched through tons of different cases each having advantages and disadvantages. Style and protection just don’t go hand in hand. You in a way have to make a decision, which would you want more of.

If you’re anything like me and work a physical job, but don’t want your new phone getting scuffed and scratched you have to lean on the side of protection. After much consideration I chose to go with OtterBox, the tough thing however was which series do I choose? Do I go with the super protection of the Defender Series or a more in-between case like the Commuter series? Ultimately I decided on the Commuter, it seemed to have the best balance.

OtterBox cases in general are a bit pricier than your run of the mill Wal-Mart cases. The OtterBox Commuter offers multiple layer protection with the flexible silicone inner layer and the hard polycarbonate outer layer. I actually think this idea was really good because now you don’t have the hard outer case rubbing up against the phone. I know from experience a hard surface case doesn’t do well with direct contact on your phone no matter how snug it might seem. Scratches happen with those types of cases.

The problem with the silicone inner layer is that it does collect lint and dust. It doesn’t seem to bother me too much but I know it really does bother some people. The only part of the inner case that you see is the outer edges of the phone where the hard case doesn’t protect.

Another major feature and actually is one of the reasons I chose this case over any other one is that it has ‘port covers’. Both the headphone jack and the power jack are covered and protected from dust and lint. Believe me that’s good especially if you work in a warehouse or another dirty place. Those ports have been known to get pretty gummed up with junk that can interfere with it working properly.

It does give a little bulk to the phone which is to be expected with protection. The Commuter case isn’t nearly as bad as the OtterBox Defender case in terms of ‘bulk’. For me the added bulk helps me grip the phone easier. The Galaxy Nexus is pretty thin and the whole time I had it without this case on I didn’t feel comfortable having it in my hand even walking since it’s so thin and light, this case added a good solid feel to it.


  • Solid Protection – Your phone is covered with 2 layers of protection.
  • Port Covers – Fairly unique feature that protects the power & headphone ports from getting dirty.
  • Easy Install – You can take this case on and off with relative ease.


  • Slightly Expensive – You can find cheaper cases out there, although this one usually has those beat in quality.
  • Added Bulk – Fairly bulky case, not as bad as the OtterBox Defender though.
  • Linty Inner Case – Some get bothered by it others can shrug it off. I’m the type that can let it go. (It’s not as bad as some people say.)


I give the OtterBox Commuter case a thumbs up in most areas. I wish it offered more color variety and was slightly less expensive but you pay for the quality you get. Drop your expensive phone with this OtterBox case and I can assure you your phone will be a lot safer than the majority of other cases out there.