Everybody with an Android Mobile Phone knows the predictability from the manufacturers, HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG. These manufacturers use their proprietary software and layer it over Android. Google got Samsung and HTC to present their latest devices without any of their proprietary software and without their own carrier software and branding. Here’s the breakdown of both smartphones.

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4

With the same software used on both phones they should be the same one may argue, but they still differ a bit from one another. Take a look at the following comparisons;


The winner here is definitely the HTC One as it is easier to handle with its narrower frame, the slippery plastic back used in the Galaxy S4 does not compare to the solid aluminum used in the HTC One with its unmatched build quality.


Amazingly the HTC One and the S4 use the same processor and software, but Geek bench and Quadrant tests done several times put the HTC One a very small distance ahead of the S4.

User Interface

HTC One is the winner again, as the HTC’s capacitive buttons are easier and faster than the three navigation buttons of the Samsung. The HTC do not have a menu button as the menu option is found in apps on screen and its two buttons are only for Home and the other for Back. A double-click on the Home button is for task-switcher and long-press brings up Google Now. The Samsung Galaxy S4 offers the two capacitive buttons for Menu and Back with a center button as the Home button.


There is no comparison between the two devices here, as the Samsung Galaxy S4 cannot touch the brilliant audio of the HTC One. When comparing the S4’s quiet back speaker to the two front-facing speakers on the HTC One, the difference is unbelievable. The HTC One’s sound is very clear and loud and it has a pre-amp that makes for excellent listening through headphones.


If it cannot be a Tie, then the Samsung has the better screen as it has a 5-inch screen, whereas the HTC has a 4.7-inch screen. Both are 1080 pixels, but with the smaller screen of the HTC One the density is slightly higher.


The HTC One focus and snaps faster than the Samsung and beats the Samsung in low light, but the Galaxy S4 has better contrast, color and sharpness Therefor the winner here is the Samsung Galaxy S4.


HTC One wins again as it’s available at $600 compared to the $650 of the Samsung Galaxy S4.


HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 is likely to be debated many times especially since they are both incredibly good smartphones. Even though the HTC One had the edge in more categories, it wasn’t by very much. I still declare the winner HTC One. It’s hard to pass up a better price and great hardware for the S4 which is a tad bit more expensive for a very similar smartphone.