I own a set of Sony 1000XM3 and BOSE QC35, these absolutely have more bass. They unfortunately do not sound as crystal clear as either of the 2 I mentioned; however, they still sound fantastic.


If you just desire sound cancelling then you may want to look into higher end Sony’s or Bose headphones. With the XB900N — outdoor noise, loud fans, chatter, and so on will seep through when you have the volume level below 45% or so. if you desire to obstruct sound out totally, it is possible, however you will have to up the volume to 70-80%.

I listen to them at roughly 45% volume level and its good enough for me, while other earphones I need to set them near 80%+ volume.


These are extremely simple to link to your gadgets, hold the power button for seven seconds then they enter into pairing mode, then simply link to them with your device — no hassle at all. The app likewise works perfectly and let me inform you the app is no joke!

  • You can alter the sound cancelling level (20 levels), it just doesn’t work as well as the top-tier headphones. Better than nothing.
  • You can set in between Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • You can alter the noise to come from FRONT, FRONT L/R, or REAR L/R.
  • It has an EQ which lets you change bass, mids, highs, and so on. It likewise features some presets if you wish to simply improve vocals, bass, treble etc. This equalizer truly alters the way these earphones sound, this isn’t no trick!
  • Surround VPT, I do not understand why this function is not that popular. When you alter it, it gives you the vibrance of surround sound. The settings are Concert Hall, Arena, Outdoor Stage, & Club.

When you set the earphones to arena mode & you see a film it actually seems like you have 2 soundbars synced up to your ears. It’s outrageous that an easy-to-use app setting can make such a change for the better — these things recreate the movie theater experience!

If you need to know how to reset Sony WH-XB900N, AKA restoring to factory.

  1. DON’T have the headphones connected through USB-C.
  2. Hold the POWER button and the CUSTOM button at the same time for seven seconds.
  3. If it flashes blue four times than you know you’ve done it right.
  4. Delete bluetooth pairing from your device.
  5. Try pairing with device again.

I have actually owned many headphones in my life. Typically, the more you spend on them the better they are. I would absolutely state these deserve the $250 price.

Basically …

Those who desire an excellent set of headphones and wish to stash away a precious $100 bill, purchase the XB900Ns.

For a clearer sound when there’s a lot of background noise get the Sony XM3s, they are quite a bit better in the noise cancelling department.

Can’t fail with either, both are terrific. Hopefully you found my Sony WH-XB900N review helpful.