Do you write/doodle/sketch and need a device that only does that? The ReMarkable 2 might be just what you need.

It’s the closest thing to actual paper writing that I’ve tried. It’s impressive how responsive and pressure-sensitive the pen is.

It has multiple brushes to make cool creative notes and illustrations, consisting of an excellent pencil brush with pressure and disposition level of sensitivity.

The feel is unique but pleasurable.

It has extraordinary battery life. If I didn’t use it every day, it would easily last multiple weeks. I utilize it a lot, and I at most charge it once per week.

Many articles are available online to help you get started and work efficiently and effectively very quickly.

If you need something that can handle large files, you might want to look into another device. It only has 8GB of storage. 

While apps for this are limited, it does have e-reader apps available, making reading on this device very nice since it’s bigger than a Kindle.

You won’t find this competing with top-level devices for bookmarks, navigating through your notes, and table of contents.

You can customize it and personalize it to your liking. There are many templates and sleep screen customizations.

You can even buy their patented MARKER or MARKER PLUS for additional precise writing/drawing.

Multiple Folio cases are available to keep your ReMarkable 2 protected and looking classy.

While the quality is excellent, don’t expect it to survive if you drop it. Be careful!

This device is EXPENSIVE for essentially a digital notebook. It is nice to only carry this around instead of a notebook (or many notebooks). Also, the planet will thank you for not using so much paper.

The features won’t stand up to other comparable devices on the market. Where this is superior is the realistic feel and responsiveness.

If you want a digital notebook, this is great. If you want something more, look elsewhere, especially if money is an issue.

The ReMarkable 2 is expensive, and the markers are costly. The cases are not cheap. It’s all EXPENSIVE! But the writing experience needs to be tried to be believed. It’s really, really good.

The ReMarkable 2 is excellent for students, writers, and casual artists.

ReMarkable 2 Cost

These prices are reflective of the current prices (at this time).

  • The ReMarkable 2 tablet price is $299.99.
  • The (standard) Marker is $79.
  • The Marker Plus is $129. (Has built-in eraser).
  • The (standard) Folio is $79.
  • The Book Folio is $129 for Gray (non-leather) and $169 for the leather ones.
  • Cloud service (Connect) is $7.99 per month after the 100-day trial period.

ReMarkable 1 vs ReMarkable 2

  • Longer battery life. 3x longer than RM1.
  • It’s thinner.
  • Better Display.
  • It has lower writing latency (Words appear on the screen with less lag).
  • USB-C


  • The Pen / Markers are above the competition (that I’ve tried).
  • It feels like natural paper.
  • The E-Ink display is easy on the eyes.
  • It looks like your actual handwriting. 
  • Great for keeping all your notes in one place.
  • It saves paper.
  • Truly distraction-free writing.


  • It’s expensive
  • Lacking a backlight (You can’t use it at night with the light off.)
  • The pen tips are fragile.
  • The cloud sync function can be slow.
  • Customer service is lacking.
  • Their cloud service (Connect Plan) is a subscription service.