Cartoon Network is known for some quirky cartoons, but Uncle Grandpa might just take the cake.

Peter Browngardt is known for cartoons like; Chowder, Adventure Time, and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. I’ve seen a few episodes of the first two shows I mentioned, but not the last one.

One thing that Peter Browngardt’s cartoons have in common is that they’re all downright weird. I’m a 26 yr. old male with a young daughter, and sometimes I sit through cartoons that she likes, but I find hard to watch — because of how stupid they are —  Uncle Grandpa, however, takes BAD to a whole new level.

What happened to GOOD old cartoons, you know the ones that were fun to watch and weren’t mind-numbingly stupid?

Cartoons like:

  • Batman & Spiderman
  • Rugrats
  • Darkwing Duck
  • Talespin
  • Hey Arnold!
  • Doug
  • Sonic
  • Etc…


Those are just some of the cartoons I grew up with, I’m sure you have some old favorites as well. While I’m not cutting down all cartoons nowadays; there are still some good ones, but the quality overall has gotten worse, in my opinion.

Back to Uncle Grandpa

To pretty much sum up the cartoon in a couple sentences — It’s about this guy who is an uncle and grandpa to everyone in the world (Wow, if that isn’t dumb I don’t know what is). He visits various kids’ homes with the intent of checking up on them, seeing how everything is going, and then numerous crazy events and adventures ensue.

Sounds award winning doesn’t it? Between the talking pizza slice and the semi-realistic flying tiger, the torment of watching this cartoon was almost unbearable.

Final Thoughts — Uncle Grandpa Review

If you read through this entire review you pretty much know what my final thoughts are. I predict a very short life for Uncle Grandpa. Between the horrible story lines (so far), and unbelievably poor quality overall, there’s very little to like about this show, if anything.

I don’t know what the creator was thinking with this epic fail of a cartoon. It’s bad enough that I have formally banned Uncle Grandpa from my house. 🙂

What are your thoughts on it?