Electrolytes are crucial for maintaining balance in our body, especially after a grueling workout or extended fasting.

I was on an extended water fast (5-Day) like I’ve done many times in the past. However, this time, I wondered if I could make it easier on my body without compromising my fast.

I was reading that a water fast can be potentially dangerous without electrolytes. 

While browsing various articles and Reddit on the subject, I came across the benefits of supplementing with electrolytes during the fast. I don’t think a 5-day water fast is too dangerous, even without electrolytes, unless you’re working out hardcore or not drinking enough water.

While researching the best way to get electrolytes without breaking my fast, I came across LMNT Electrolyte Recharge. It claims it has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It sounded good to me, so I picked some up.

First of all, it is not cheap. At $45 for 30 packets, you’re paying a premium. Even if you subscribe to a monthly supply, you’ll still spend $39 each month. Their profit margin has to be huge! It seems like a lot of money to spend on minerals.

I purchased the ‘Raw Unflavored.’ Even though it is unflavored, it naturally has a salty taste due to the high sodium content. I know some will have a problem drinking this if you can’t handle saltwater. Trust me when I say this does not taste good. If you need to mask the salty taste, choose one of their zero sugar flavor varieties.

I chose to go unflavored because I didn’t want to add any calories while fasting, even though the flavored options have very few calories.

The LMNT Electrolyte Recharge served me well while water fasting and before a big workout/basketball game. The problem I have with it is the cost.

The bottom line is it’s too much money for what you’re getting.

I still have a supply of packets on hand but use them sparingly. I’ve since switched to an electrolyte powder that’s more cost-effective; (Propel Powder Packets)

The Propel electrolyte packets are now my daily go-to mainly because of cost. Plus, they are easy to drink (I’m sure the LMNT flavored packs are too).

If cost isn’t a factor, go with LMNT, but if you don’t want to spend an absurd amount, then go in another direction, preferably one without a bunch of fillers.

Below I’ll answer some of the more common questions about LMNT.

What does LMNT taste like?

I’ve only tried the ‘Raw Unflavored’ kind, so I can’t speak on the others. It tastes like ocean water… okay, maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea. It tastes like salty water. 

The key is to dilute it significantly, so it’s tolerable. I usually use one packet for 32 ounces of water.

Does LMNT break a fast?

The unflavored one WON’T break your fast. It’s actually encouraged to drink while you’re fasting since it will replenish the electrolytes you won’t get from any other sources during your fasting period.

As for the other flavors, I wouldn’t consider 5-10 calories breaking a fast, but if you’re going by the letter of some ‘fasting gurus’ law, any calories might constitute breaking a fast.

Can I drink LMNT before bed?

Yes, drinking electrolytes before bed might be beneficial. While we sleep, we aren’t hydrating; that’s why it’s encouraged you drink some fluids soon after you wake up. However, taking in electrolytes before bed might keep you from getting dehydrated while you sleep.

How many LMNT packets per day can I drink?

Some factors play a role in how many LMNT packets a person should drink in a day. Are you fasting? Are you eating an extremely processed diet? Are you vigorously exercising? There’s not a hard and fast rule to the amount. Most people stick to one to two packets per day unless they exercise for long periods or are on an extended fast and experiencing some electrolyte imbalance symptoms. 

Stick to one or two packets at first, and if you need more, try it out, but be cautious about the sodium intake from other sources. (This is not medical advice).