Anytime Fitness has been around since 2002 but didn’t become popular until the last few years. I joined Anytime Fitness in 2007 mainly for the reason it allowed me to workout anytime, day or night. Most of the other fitness clubs have closing times and that just doesn’t work well with my schedule.  The gym membership cost was also cheaper than say a Lifetime Fitness or something of that nature. Although Lifetime does include other membership benefits that Anytime Fitness simply doesn’t have.

That being said, the one major drawback (or advantage, depending on who you are) Anytime Fitness has is that it doesn’t have anything else to offer other than a place to work out. There isn’t a basketball court, swimming pool, daycare… etc. That isn’t always a bad thing, at least not for me because I’d be spending 100% of my time on the basketball court if they had one.

Membership Cost

The membership cost varies from club to club, but you should be able to get a membership in the range of $30 per month. They also adhere to the Health Insurance Discount which can save you $20 per month if you scan your card a ‘set’ number of times per month. This number is usually 8-12 times per month, but it all depends on your Health Insurance Provider. So for ‘potentially’ around $10/month you could have a 24hr gym membership.

Membership Overview

  • Open 24 hrs per day / 7 days per week, including holidays. – That was the selling point for me.
  • Tanning Beds – A rare ‘extra’ feature that an Anytime Fitness membership provides.
  • Low Membership Cost – Around $30/month (at least in my area) and that’s not including the health insurance incentive of $20 if you make it to the gym a certain amount of times.
  • Fitness Classes – Most Anytime Fitness clubs offer paid and free fitness classes.
  • Personal Trainers – Personal Trainers are available for those that need an extra push. $200/month on up. The rates vary drastically from trainer to trainer.

My Final Thoughts

While there are fancier fitness clubs out there that offer every amenity under the sun, Anytime Fitness keeps it simple. It’s not for everyone… but those that are satisfied with just working out and getting on with your day won’t be disappointed in getting a membership here.