The Motorola SB6121 Cable Modem is an improvement of its predecessor the SB6120. This modem has been designed to deliver the ultimate experience at super-fast broadband speed. The modem uses the uses DOCIS 3.0 technology for bonding to four downstream and four upstream channels. This provides the user with innovative multimedia services at data rates that are more than the conventional 100 Mbps in either direction. This shows that with the use of this modem, one should be assured of fats and reliable networking.

This modem is designed for maximum performance of such services as online gaming and shopping, downloading and online working as well as high quality teleconferencing experience. Many people who have used this modem say that it has nothing short of what is expected from its description. It has been said to be easy to install. Upon installation, the modem requires some activation from Comcast in order to start working. The modem is plug and play thus it does not require complex installation procedures. It has some LED lights on the front panel which indicate the status of the modem thus simplifying the process of troubleshooting in the case of a malfunction. Moreover, the Motorola SB6121 Modem has online diagnostics which are user-friendly.

The modem has been designed to work with Windows, UNIX and Macintosh computers. It is compatible with most of the commonly used operating systems. Most of the people who are using this modem after they upgraded to it from other modems say that it is the best modem that they have ever used. They say that it has the best speed as compared to the other modems that they have been using. When looking for a modem, the speed is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Most of the people who are using the Motorola SB6121 Modem are quite happy about it and say that they can recommend it to their friends.

However, upon buying a new modem, one has to activate it before they can use it. once you are done with all the connections and you are trying to connect, a Comcast self-activation screen opens. After entering the account number and the phone number that are required, then you are good to go for new users. However, for people who are upgrading to this modem, it is advisable to call Comcast to give you directions and activate the modem for you. Besides this minor hitch, the rest of the installation and use of the modem is quite simple for anyone to use.

Being an improvement of the SB6120, the Motorola SB6121 Modem has several similar features to it but it is much smaller thus it uses up a smaller space. This modem is appropriate for use where high internet traffic is required like in cybercafés. This is due to the fact the bandwidth that is offered by this modem is sufficient to support large traffic for several computers. From the features and performance of the Motorola SB6121 Modem, I would recommend it to anyone who us looking for an efficient modem.