The Andis T-Outliner is a professional grade trimmer that can deliver precise and clean cuts for your beard, scalp hair, and neckline. It boasts an ergonomic design, powerful motor, and carbon steel blade capable of quickly cutting through fine or coarse hair. It doesn’t matter what was thrown at it, it seemed to be capable of handling it.

The trimmer boasts several advantages, such as its comfortable grip, excellent build quality, and strong motor. It feels good in your hand due to its balanced weight and textured surface that prevents slips. I like where the on/off switch is as well; it’s conveniently placed. Furthermore, its sturdy construction can withstand small drops or bumps with ease. Moreover, its powerful motor runs through thick or coarse hair without pulling or snagging.

The Negatives

However, the trimmer also has some negative aspects, such as heat, oiling and vibration. After only five minutes of use, the device can get extremely HOT! So hot, in fact, that you won’t be able to continue using it until letting it cool down for 15+ minutes. Also, frequent oiling of the blade requires extra time, which makes cleaning up after each use a hassle; you’ll have to clean it after every use to prevent hair buildup or other damage from occurring. Furthermore, prolonged usage may lead to fatigue or numbness in your hand from excessive vibration.

The HEAT and VIBRATION are very big negatives with this trimmer.


Despite these drawbacks, the Andis T-Outliner is an impressive trimmer ideal for home or professional use as long as it’s not for long periods of time without shutting it off. It can handle any hair type and delivers precise cuts every time.

If you only need a trimmer occasionally, this may be worth considering; however, if using it for longer periods of time, then be aware of potential heat and vibration issues. Overall the Andis T-Outliner is a reliable clipper that helps quickly achieve your grooming goals; however not without some drawbacks.