Before a computer screen, I spend roughly 9 hours a day, five days a week. After years of this lifestyle, I noticed that I would suffer from some severe eye strain at the end of the day. I relied heavily on eye drops and installed the PC app F.lux both of which helped.

I highly recommend F.lux if you don’t work with image editing software since it will change the screen color hue to more of an orange (less blue glow).

I’ve tried some cheap blue light glasses on Amazon, and they do provide some protection from blue light, but I wanted something less flimsy. I stumbled across Gunnar Optiks by doing some research one day. I bought the Gunnar Riot blue-light-blocking gaming glasses.

I could tell the difference in quality right away. The lenses were crystal clear compared to the previous ones I’ve used, even though the color of the lenses was amber.

As stated on, the amber tinted lenses provide 65% blue light filtration. Other color lenses offer varying levels of protection.

The arms of the glasses were more sturdy feeling and didn’t cause any irritation from using them for hours on end.

They’ve helped tremendously since I’ve been wearing them. The Gunnar blue light blocking glasses slightly magnify 0.2x even without RX.

Gunnar Riot glasses side view

Why would I need blue light filtering glasses?

There are many issues that too much blue light, especially at night, can have on a person. Melatonin production doesn’t begin for 30 minutes after we stop taking in blue light. So if nothing else, it would be nice to have a pair on your nightstand to limit the exposure before sleep.

If you’re on a computer or electronic device for long periods, it can help prevent dry eyes/strain.

Blue light blocking glasses is a must-have if you’re a gamer.

Can I wear Gunnar glasses all day?

Yes, I wear them 9+ hours a day, five days a week, and don’t have any issue whatsoever. It’s helped resolve my dry eyes problem.

Even if you wore them from sunrise until sunset, there wouldn’t be any problem.

Do Gunnar glasses really work?

They do. Compared to a couple of cheap ones, I’ve tried these work way better. They are more comfortable, and you’ll notice a difference in sleep quality, and your eyes will feel more relaxed.