Kelloggs Krave Cereal Review

There are many cereals on the market but one will have to take notice of this new product on the shelves. It has been referred to as a sweet adult cereal. No other cereal is really like it. Trying it dry then with milk gives you a whole new experience.

Kelloggs Krave seems to have larger pieces than many other cereals. It is gentle and wets immediately when put in the mouth, so its crispy nature should not be anything to worry about. Its shell has multiple grain contents and a brown-sugar flavor. As you delve into the cereal, you notice smooth chocolate inside. There is not a lot of chocolate inside, yet when the pieces are eaten together you get to enjoy the chocolate flavor that is hidden in the cereal. The package does not mention the presence of any kind of nuts as part of the ingredients. However, as you continue to enjoy it, you notice flavor like that of Nutella.

It does not have hydrogenated oils. They have instead used real chocolate. It is ideal for dessert when taken in moderation since ¾ cup is equivalent to 120 calories and with milk it is equivalent to 155 calories. Not too bad at all!

For chocolate lovers, this is a very good way to start your day. The amount of chocolate is not too much and you enjoy the flavor as you munch more of its pieces. It is tastier than most cereals on the shelves and certainly every household should give it a try. Kelloggs Krave has a double chocolate variety that is worth trying as well. To be honest, I actually like the double chocolate better.

So, next time you pass by one of those cereal shelves, remember to pick up a box of Krave.

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