Equus 3721 Battery & Charging System Monitor Review

Gone are the days when one could not accurately determine the level of the car battery and would just be surprised when the car failed to start as a result of the weak or dead battery. With the improvement in technology, countless gadgets have been developed that can help car owners monitor battery levels of their cars and also determine whether the batteries were effectively being charged. One of the leading innovators in this field has been Equus who have come up with the Equus Battery and Charging System Monitor.

Unlike other battery monitors, the Equus 3721 performs more functions than just your regular monitor. First and foremost, this monitor shows instantly the condition your battery is in. This means you can monitor your car battery each and every time you desire as the screen constantly displays the battery level. In addition, it also automatically alternates between battery status and charging status modes meaning that when the car is in motion the LCD will display the battery charging mode and when the car stops the display will instantly switch to battery level mode, thus letting you know your battery status at all times.

It also offers protection to the engine computer and engine accessories from damage as a result of power surges when starting the vehicle or jumping starting it. It has the capability to notify the owner in case of alternator issues or an oncoming battery failure.

Installation is incredibly simple, all you have to do is plug the device into the cars cigarette lighter or in the power receptacle and it will start functioning automatically.

The screen is nice especially since it shows the measured voltage in the form of a bar graph. The graph indicates the battery charge status and has different colored LEDs that help identify the battery charge levels. The heavy pivots also make viewing relatively easy.

The Equus 3721 also functions as a voltmeter. Digital read outs help to give the real voltage in the electrical system of the vehicle.

The Equus doesn’t have any major shortcomings and doesn’t pose any major risks to the car system thus making it a must have device for every car owner. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in monitoring their battery life. It’s reasonably priced and will save you from the embarrassment of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere because your battery died.

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