5 Hour Energy Shot Review

In an ideal situation we would all feel rested and rejuvenated all the time. That just doesn’t seem to happen if you’re anything like me. I have tried many different things in an attempt to fuel me through the day or whatever project I needed to get through. You name it and I’ve probably tried it, Monster, Jolt, NOS, Red Bull, caffeine pills, ginseng shots, the lists goes on and on. I decided to write a 5 Hour Energy review because there are way too many energy products on the market and many of them don’t work, so I wanted to give a review on what has created quite the buzz on the market today. Within the last year or so I decided to try 5 Hour Energy, with me being not very hopeful because of the previous failed attempts at finding something that brought lasting energy, I was skeptical of it’s claims.

Shortly after downing the 2 ounce 5 Hour Energy shot I started to feel it. My face began to feel warm and flushed and my heart started to beat a little faster than normal. It almost felt like I had a rush come over me, kinda like I had just taken a drug or something. I felt alert both mentally and physically. Another weird thing that happened to me is that it almost instantly put me in a really good mood. This stuff really did work for me, although it isn’t all 100% positive.


** Worked almost instantly for me. (Within 5-10 min)

** Gave me an incomparable boost of energy both physically and mentally.

** Big boost in my mood. (It was totally unexpected and not really an advertised part of 5 hour energy, but definitely very positive).

** Zero Sugar & Only 4 Calories



** A little pricey if you buy them in individual bottles. It’s a lot more reasonable to purchase in bulk.

** Doesn’t last 5 hrs, more like 2.5 hrs of energy, sometimes 3 hrs.

** It doesn’t taste the greatest. It’s not too bad since it’s only about 2 oz worth.



Overall, I’d say that the positives definitely outweigh the negatives with the 5 Hour Energy shot. Like I mentioned before, not much really worked for me when it came to a long lasting big boost of energy, but 5 Hour Energy is able to do that. I took the initiative to check out what other people thought of 5 Hour Energy. Most of the users that wrote reviews for 5 hour energy rated it 5/5 stars. The rest of the users seem to rate it 4/5. So it seems like 5 hour energy doesn’t just work for me but also for many others. I would recommend it to anyone.