Are you flying into LAX and need a cheap place to stay? Hollywood Inn Express LAX motel may be the right spot for you.

Hollywood Inn Express LAX might be the right place for you if…

You’re on a budget – At around $70 or less per night, this is one of the cheapest stays near the LAX airport.

You’re a male – Preferably one that can handle yourself if a sketchy situation arises.

You can sleep anywhere – If outdoor noise and a springy, creeky bed don’t bother you. The bed IS more comfortable than it sounds.

You plan on taking Uber or Lyft everywhere – If you plan on leaving your motel room, make sure it’s directly into the vehicle of the person picking you up.

If you like to live life on the edge – This motel might be just for you if you don’t mind a sketchy part of town, take risks, or are used to a rough neighborhood.

Hollywood Inn Express LAX might NOT be the right place for you if…

You have kids – Seriously, don’t stay here if you have kids. This isn’t a family-friendly place. The staff is friendly, but the neighborhood is not.

You want to explore on foot – If you’re going outdoors and walking along W. Century Blvd, you’re just asking to be mugged, robbed, beaten up, or killed… especially at night.

Looking for ‘High Class’ – The rooms are clean, and the staff is excellent. Hollywood Inn Express LAX doesn’t have many luxuries outside of cable TV, WiFi, and a mini-fridge (maybe).

You’re a woman – Unless you’re a woman MMA fighter or with a man or preferably multiple men. This isn’t an intelligent choice for a female-only stay.

You want a quiet night’s sleep – Car alarms, banging, people screaming, and cars honking are all par for the course when you stay here. I sleep hard, so it doesn’t faze me much, but I know that this will cause some a lousy night’s sleep.

You’re driving your own vehicle – If you are driving your own or renting a car, I don’t suggest parking it here. Break-ins and vandalism aren’t uncommon.

In conclusion

While this isn’t a family-friendly place to stay or a five-star hotel, this isn’t the worst place to stay. Thanks to the incredible staff, the beds are clean; seriously, I wouldn’t want to clean up the rooms after half the people visit here. I got to give them props. The airport is close, and this place is centrally located, so Uber/Lyft rides are pretty reasonable.

Ultimately, whether you should stay at the Hollywood Inn Express LAX depends on your situation.

If you decide to stay here, I want to echo what the Domino’s delivery driver said to me while delivering a pizza to my room, “BE SAFE!