Rows of these Limited Edition Oreos in a package.

At my local Walmart, I spotted the Limited Edition The Most Oreo Oreo Cookies-n-Creme pack. I love a thick mega-stuffed Oreo, and these looked even more impressive. I couldn’t pass these up.

So the first thing I noticed as I grabbed one of these bad boys was how much creamy filling was in the middle. It has crushed-up Oreo mixed with the traditional creme filling. A perfect combo, right?


These taste a lot like the original Oreos, except these, are more creme-filled and delicious than ever! I knew instantly these would be my favorite Oreo of all time, and it’s not close!

While the name is interesting, it does fit since it’s “more” of an Oreo stuffed inside itself, if that makes any sense.


Everyone knows eating Oreos isn’t the key to a healthy diet. Who cares, this should be eaten as a treat, and if it’s in moderation there’s nothing wrong with a little enjoyment in life. The serving size on these is ONLY one cookie. Who eats only one? And they have 110 calories each! Not exactly low calorie. Something to be mindful of especially if you’re mindlessly eating in front of the TV.

Here’s a quick rundown of the nutritional facts:

Serving Size: 1  Oreo

Calories: 110

Total Fat: 5g

How many Oreos per package? 

18 cookies.

How much are the Most Oreo Oreo Cookie-n-Creme? 

I paid $4.58 at my local Walmart. I’ve seen them as high as $4.99 in other places.

A petition to Mondelēz International, Inc

Please keep these as a regular option. It will be a shame when we can’t buy these in the stores because they are limited edition.