The Joico K-Pak Reconstrx Professional Vapor Iron is a great flat iron on the market today for those wishing to straighten their hair using the most modern technology available. Try not to judge it too harshly on the incredibly long and complicated name because it has excellent features. The manufacturer offers several statistics, including Joico’s ability to decrease hair breakage by more than forty percent. It also reduces the color loss of regular shampooing and styling with heat, like a flat iron more than a third.

Also, the Joico K-Pak Reconstrx Professional Vapor Iron helps to minimize the reversion of curls, with long-lasting results that can maintain your style for as long as twelve hours in ninety percent humidity. The product comes in a terrific-looking box that you can use to wrap as a gift. The package includes the ReconstRx Vapor Iron, ReconstRx VaporFuel 3.4 oz, and a brochure that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve some great styles with your new product, as well as a DVD that features the company’s artistic director, Damien Carney.

Joico Reconstrx Hair Straightener Features & Specifications

· Features a reservoir to hold the K-Pak Vaporfuel blend of quadramine complex

· It shuts off automatically after 120 minutes of not being used.

· Plates that are a hybrid of ceramic and silicone, which are vented and 1.25 inches in size

· Features the latest ceramic heat technology.

· Includes a nine-foot cord that swivels to keep the styler from becoming tangled while you are using it.

· Latch closes for storage and travel purposes

· Temp control that allows you to adjust between 284 degrees Fahrenheit and 410 degrees

· Heats up in seconds

Joico K-Pak Reconstrx Professional Vapor Iron Reviews

Our search through the product reviews from customers who had purchased this Joico flat iron brought mixed results. While many people were happy with the product, some weren’t. Out of 21 reviews on Amazon, only seven gave the product five stars, while eight rated it just one star and the rest somewhere in between. Many people were pleased with how it styled their hair, without any burning or damage, and one customer even commented that it had saved her damaged hair. However, others were not so pleased. One customer mentioned that the product wore out in six months, and even though the company did replace it as per the warranty, the replacement unit wore out in six months. Because of the low percentage of satisfied customers, we will not recommend this product.