The GHD Professional 1 Inch Original Styler offers the latest heat technology from GHD. It also features a barrel that is rounded so that you can create curls and wavy hair or flicks and be able to straighten curly hair and create unique and beautiful hairstyles. GHD products have a reputation of leaving hair looking and feeling silky smooth and making curly and wavy hair perfectly straight. Create virtually any hairstyle with one product, and experience the quality professionals get with their hair straightening/styling products.

The GHD Professional 1 Inch Original Styler has many features that make it one of the bestsellers in the world of hair care products. Heat is evenly distributed along with the plates to get consistent and smooth styling results, and the plates themselves are one inch, which works for most hair types and is a stylish black color. The nine-inch cord swivels at the base of the flat iron so that you never have to worry about getting tangled upright in the middle of a curl or straightening pass, and it features an auto shut off after thirty minutes. Also, the GHD has universal voltage, so you can take it with you to travel overseas.

The GHD 00217 Professional Styler is hard to find now. Click here to check out one of their latest models.

GHD Hair Straightener Features & Specifications

Woman with straightened hair looking off in the distance.
  • Latest heating technology available from GHD
  • Perfect for travel overseas to countries with different voltages thanks to Universal Voltage
  • Aluminum plates that provide a smooth pass through hair and create a smooth, static free styling experience and hair that turns out soft and silky
  • Advanced ceramic heaters to seal to the cuticle
  • Digital temperature control technology for a whole new level of control
  • An automatic off mode in 30 minutes
  • Dimensions: 10 x 1.2 x 4 inches
  • Lightweight – Just 12 Ounces

GHD Professional Original Styler 1 Inch Reviews

We researched reviews and sites that sell the GHD Professional Original Styler to find out what customers think. All but one rated this product five out of five stars. Customers say that the new black GHD’s are incredible, leaving even frizzy hair smooth and straight and looking fabulous. Customers say that it flattens and straightens hair and curls it, and even skeptical buyers had their doubts eliminated after using it. One customer called it the “best straightener in the world” and said she would recommend it to anyone who always wanted to have smooth and silky hair. Others commented that while some hair straighteners tend to make hair dry, the GHD professional does not. Based upon these reviews, we are giving this product the thumbs up.