When you think of a great-tasting frozen pizza, you don’t typically think of a gas station exclusive.

If you were to buy a pizza based on how tasty the name sounded, this probably would be last on the list; “Meat Sweats” doesn’t exactly make your mouth water. I’m glad I didn’t let the name detour me.

I picked one up for $7.99, which is a steal for how much meat comes on this thing. I think the price may have gone up slightly since the last time I’ve picked one of these up, still a great deal, though. I’d easily pay $10-$11 for this pizza.

I didn’t have crazy high expectations; most frozen pizzas out there are mediocre at best.

The first bite, I knew this pizza was something special. This one is on another level! There are vast amounts of high-quality jumbo sausage (not rubbery) with great flavor. The cheese is perfect, not a pathetic skimpy amount like many others. The crust gets crispy but not burnt. The pepperoni adds a great balance to it.

If you have a smoker, throw this baby on there, and it’ll beat almost every pizza place in town. I’m talking Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, doesn’t matter, Pothole (Meat Sweats) pizza is that good!

I can’t vouch for their other pizzas since I’ve seen no reason to venture off this one; it’s so good. It seems like barely anyone knows about it either.

Heggies used to be my go-to frozen pizza, but this one took that spot a while ago for me.

Do yourself a favor and pick one up; you won’t regret it.

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