If you’re looking for a cheap refreshing can of sparkling water, VOSS is not it, at least not when it comes to the cheap part.

    VOSS has three flavors of sparkling water at this time: Sparkling Lemon Cucumber, Sparkling Lemon Mint, and Sparkling Raspberry Rose.

    If you’re on a budget, look elsewhere because these will run you over $1.30 a 12oz can on average.

    I have to say; I do like them a lot. The carbonation is impressive. Something about it feels like you’re drinking a refreshing soda. Easily the best carbonation from any sparkling water I’ve tried yet– and why shouldn’t it be? It’s absurd how expensive these are. I guess that’s kind of VOSS’s M.O. Everything from them is pricey.

My Flavor Ranking:

    1.) Lemon Cucumber

    2.) Strawberry Ginger

    3.) Lime Mint

    All the ones I’ve tried are good. I haven’t tried the Raspberry Rose flavor yet, but will update this review when I do. VOSS doesn’t have the most flavorful sparkling water in the world, but the carbonation is what sets it apart from the rest. It’s hard to describe, but something about the carbonation is different. VOSS claims it’s the “delicate bubbles” that give it the more refined taste.

    As for pricing, Amazon sells a 24 can pack for around $32.50. Unless convenience is most important to you, I suggest stopping at a local store to get a better price. I’ve been able to find them for $8.99 for an eight-pack at CVS by my house.

    What I do to justify the cost is save the VOSS flavored sparkling water for sports games or pizza nights and drink the cheaper sparkling water the rest of the time. It works for me, and I don’t go through it fast.