The Bio Ionic Matte Black Collection 1.5” OnePass Nano-Ceramic Straightening Iron has a lot of great features and new technology that makes taking care of your hair easier than ever. The Bio Ionic has its own silicone speed strips which means that your flat iron heats up quickly and you can get your hair styled even faster, as well as the added benefit of extra shine. The Bio Ionic Straightening Iron can reach a temperature of up to 400 degrees and not only is it fast to heat up, but the recovery time is fast as well – in as little as five seconds.

Featuring nano-ionic fused plates to cushion as you straighten with a high output of negative ions that work against the positive ions that your hair naturally produces, along with their far-infrared technology to straighten hair in one pass but without burning your scalp or doing any damage to your hair. This nano-ionic mineral technology keeps the moisture locked into the follicles of the hair where it belongs, giving you a smooth, silky, conditioned look and feel. The Bio Ionic Straightening Iron’s heaters are hot in just five seconds, and the heat is maintained throughout the entire plate for consistent results every time.

Bio Ionic Straightening Iron Features & Specifications:

  • Bio Ionic Silicone Speed Strips for quick heating, styling and added shine
  • Instant heat up and instant recovery, literally within seconds
  • Temperature can reach up to 400 degrees
  • Cushion that is fused with Nano-Ionic™ Mineral Technology
  • Large negative ion output for great looking hair
  • Far infrared technology for hair that is silky and smooth, and perfectly straight without burning or damage
  • Bio Ceramic heaters that are hot in just five seconds
  • You control the temperature at several different levels
  • Long, ten foot cord with a swivel mount so that you can avoid tangling
  • Included Pouch and Paddle Brush
  • Great looking black matte color
  • Shipping weight is just two pounds.

Bio-Ionic Matte Black Collection OnePass Nano-Ceramic Reviews:

This product comes highly recommended. Every single person that bought this product on Amazon rated it at five stars, and all of the reviews were extremely positive. Customers says that this product is the best of its kind on the market, and that it is worth every penny. Other customers commented on how soft and smooth it left their hair feeling, and another customer dares you to pull it through your hair just once, promising that if you do you’ll agree that it is worth the price. All in all, after seeing all of the great things that people had to say about this product, we give it an indisputable yes.